The Prince's Vision is a documentary (3 x 1 Hours // 90 feature // 60 cutdown) which follows the saviour of Dumfries House and it's surrounding ex-mining community.

Never before has the palace let a production team spend as much time with a member of the Royal household.

Dumfries House is a stately home filled with priceless artifacts (from the first Axminster rugs to some of the earliest Chippendale chairs) and is found centered in an area of Scotland which recorded the highest alcohol and drug problems in the country.

When it was put up for private sale there was vocal outcry that this unique grand home - it's land and it's contents was to be lost to developers and collectors across the world.

...another kick in the face to the community, who had lost almost everything.

However, a mammoth 3 year task of rebirth was started by HRH, The Prince of Wales who put his entire estate of charities on the line to turn things around for the good of the house and the locals in the community.

The news media and advisors all said it was "a risk one should not take" - but did it come good?